The Dixon Family Album

Willliamstown Theatre Festival, 2014

 Music & Lyrics by Andrew R. Butler      Book by Anna Kerrigan

The Dixon Family Album is a two act, folk rock musical about a dysfunctional family band. The first act follows the tumultuous rise of The Dixons in the late 1960s. The second act catches up with the family thirty years later as they plan a reunion tour in hopes of healing their deeply troubled youngest brother, Ronnie. Ronnie's ensuing friendship with his 13-year-old nephew helps them each to come to terms with their lives and families. 

The fictional Dixon Family Band's music fits tightly inside the niche of 60's flower-power rock'n'roll, but when we peek into the inner world of each character, their individual songs branch out into styles befitting their personalities and desires. When we make the leap to the 90s, the music follows, pulling influence from grunge rock, alt rock and 8-bit electronica. 

The Dixon Family Album was originally developed at the Williamtown Theater Festival. We are currently seeking opportunities to continue writing and developing the musical.

scenic design Alexander Woodward

costume design Stephanie Bahniuk

lighting design Wilburn Bonnell

sound design Collin Barnum